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Nixfon and Corda Technologies: the perfect partner for your KPI and Scorecard Dashboard Needs

Nixfon, a Malaysian company providing innovative software solutions has teamed up with Corda Technologies, a US-based dashboard solutions expert to provide performance management dashboards and scorecard visualization solutions to companies and government agencies in the Asian region.

These visualization tools are vital to any organization, more so during these trying economic times. You do not have the time to look through reports and complicated spreadsheets. This is where dashboards and scorecards can help by doing the following:

  1. Provides a comprehensive view of your business’ health
  2. Improves communication across the organization
  3. Enables more accurate analysis and faster decision making
  4. Converts raw data from any data source (Excel, SQL, Legacy, etc.) into actionable intelligence
  5. Monitor the corporate KPI’s and flag any issues immediately

 To know about our dashboard and scorecard solutions, please click here.

Performance Management & Succession Planning Made Easy

The performance management and succession planning strategies help you retain your best employees. These elements are part of talent or human capital management. As shown in the diagram below talent management involves finding, recruiting, retaining and managing the best human capital throughout the lifecycle of an organization.

Nixfon and its solution partner, Lumesse International, have implemented a number of talent management initiatives in Malaysia and this region. There is a growing urgency to retain the right talent in this region. Click here to learn more about Total Talent Management.

Besides human capital management and dashboarding solutions, Nixfon’s team of talented developers has also created web-based solutions that aid companies to resolve common business issues. These include:

ServTrak - A comprehensive service tracking system. Used by service companies to handle complaints and track problem resolutions.

Trainix – A web-based training management system that helps companies automate and administrate training processes.
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Corda CenterView
Business Performance Dashboard

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Lumesse ETWeb™
Software for Strategic Talent Management

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Service Tracking System


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