August 20, 2007

Talent Management Made Easy

The New Straits Times - Many local small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are still unaware of the benefits of using talent management or human capital management tools to develop the human capital within their organisation. Nixfon (M) Sdn. Bhd. aims to meet this need by introducing ETWeb from ExecuTRACK, a Germany-based talent management solutions provider.

The talent management system allows e-recruitment, performance management, compensation management, skills and competency management, career and succession planning, and training and development management.

According to Nixfon's chief executive officer G. Gunasekaran, ETWeb can be customised to any organization's needs to help them get the best out of their most valuable resource - the employees.

"Fifty per cent of Fortune 500 companies in the United States and Europe use this product, as it provides a comprehensive yet easy-to-use strategic talent management solution that helps them develop and manage their most valuable asset - the HR (human resource) and talent pool."

Nixfon's business development director Manu Gopinathan said in the past, HR's role used to be just administration, but now this role has progressed to strategic management where HR is aligned with the company's overall direction to generate revenue. And this is where ETWeb comes in.

"The system allows the organisation to help maintain, train and retain their talent," he said.

Locally, Nixfon is planning to first educate the market on the importance of talent management tools. "We believe Governement-linked companies, banking and financial institutions, healthcare companies or any other big corporation which has an HR department and multiple locations can utilise ETWeb," Manu said.

Nixfon will provide three types of offerings for ETWeb: customers can buy the software, rent the software on a yearly subscription fee, or opt for the on-demand version, which is the application service provider model that can be hosted externally to any part of the world and customers do not have to invest in hardware maintenance. The third offering is specially for the SMB Market.

The cost of ETWeb depends on the number of employees and modules deployed in the organisation. On average, an organisation with 1,000 employees may need to spend RM500,000 on ETWeb implementation, depending on the configuration.

By Shyla Sangaran

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Talent Management Made Easy

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