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Click to Convert provides the quick, easy and affordable way to create and share PDF or HTML files from virtually any document or application. Click to Convert allows businesses or users to easily create high-quality screen/web optimized PDF or HTML by: Dragging and dropping groups of files, Printing any file to Click to Convert’s virtual printer Using the toolbar button added to Microsoft Office.

What Click to Convert does for you:

  • Batch-publishing mode
    Publish entire folders of documents to PDF or HTML simultaneously.
  • PDF or HTML
    Create high-quality screen/web optimized PDF and HTML from your documents without Adobe Acrobat.
  • MS Office toolbar integration
    Supporting hyperlinks, bookmarks and table of contents.
  • PDF configuration
    Including 128bit security, compression, watermarks and font embedding.
  • Font embedding
    Ensures PDFs look 100% like the original documents.
  • Send
    One-click e-mailing or uploading of files.
  • Affordable
    Low cost per seat including multi-license and educational discounts.

Features & Benefits

Unique Click to Convert Features

  • Creates PDFs and/or HTML files
  • Batch publishing
  • Microsoft Office integration

HTML Features of a Glance

  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Automatically upload to websites
  • Security and document protection
  • MS Office bookmark and link extraction
  • Automatically table of contents
  • 100% Printable (either HTML or PDF)
  • HTML Templates
  • Searchable


PDF Features of Glance

  • Does not require Adobe Acrobat
  • Merge PDF's together into a single file
  • Security and document protection
  • MS Office bookmark and link extraction
  • PDF compression
  • Watermarks
  • Font embedding
  • Font subsets support
  • Automatically e-mail PDFs


I am happily enjoying my Click to Convert software. I don't believe a day has passed that it hasn't been used.

My associates and I are deeply involved in educational research and continually exchanging data and text. Before Click to Convert, literally hours were lost printing documents, scanning them back into a PDF format to facilitate exchanges. Now, I simply compose and click -- the program converts and emails for me. My only complaint is "why didn't I find this sooner",

Larry M. Burke, Phd.

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